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  1. I'm putting the term dead in quotes, because I acknowledge it is not the correct term; however have heard many people use this term to describe an option year contract with lapsed options. My confusion lies in the fact that I do not understand the intent behind not being able to closeout an option contract until all prospective options have expired. If the Government has not extended the contract IAW FAR clause 52.217-9, why can't I closeout out the contract once performance (physically) is complete? Why would I have to wait until all option provisions have expired? I'm understanding 4.804-
  2. Instead of starting a new discussion thread, I feel my question is a good follow on to this discussion. What restrictions/limitations, if any, does a CO have on exercising an option on a "dead" contract? Let's say the Government does not exercise OY II on a contract, but wants to exercise OY III. A letter of intent was not issued IAW FAR clause 52.217-9, because the Government did not anticipate exercising any future option periods after OY I. I was reading up on contract closeouts and one of the requirements for a physically complete contract is, all option provisions have expired. 4.804-4 Ph
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