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  1. Thanks H2H, your assessment makes sense. The question was for clarity's sake, as I run into this issue all the time during financial/contracts due diligence.
  2. A company being 100% stock-acquired is a T&M subcontractor to large prime. Certified Cost or Pricing Data was not required during proposal process. Subcontract includes non-assignment clause by prime and flowdown of 52.215-19 Notification of Ownership Changes. Since the sub is being purchased in whole, assignment doesn't apply. Would a T&M subcontract be subject to postaward cost redetermination if there are immaterial ODCs, thereby requiring the notification of ownership change?
  3. Scenario: ANC aquires non-ANC 8(a) about to graduate. Seller still small and will be set up as stand-alone subsidiary by the ANC. Can ANC re-apply for another 9 years in the 8(a) program for its new subsidiary?
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