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  1. It really depends. It depends where you want to live. For example, a GS-12 in Seattle is really not that much different than a GS-11 in Spokane. In terms of quality of life / cost of living and in terms of the duties. It always helps if you are willing and able to relocate. Whatever you do, when you go into federal service, negotiate a higher step than step 1 in whatever the grade based on superior qualifications. You only get one bite at that apple and you'll kick yourself later if you don't even try. Trust me.
  2. That sounds like a great basis for a superior knowledge claim down the road. The Government said within their advertised exhibit that they expected "x" requirement, but they really knew it was "z" requirement. They acted in bad faith to represent the requirement taking only "x" resources; we managed to negotiate to "y" cost, it ended up costing "z" which is what the Government estimated that it would cost in the first place. We want the sum certain difference of z-y. Where's my money. That is much different than setting an anchor in negotiations. Because the negotiation is focused on how to ac
  3. I'm just going to say that a high percentage of e-mails from Government officials probably include the Name, e-mail address, and contact number for the individual; the compilation of which is ordinary and not particularly personally identifiable. This is all public information, just as your pay grade, salary, and any bonuses would be. Here's a shocking way to make a compilation of data in less than 2 minutes: Salary of Civilian Agency employees: http://www.fedsdatacenter.com/federal-pay-rates/index.php Combined with WA state voter database including address and DOB: http://soundpolitics.com/vo
  4. Keep in mind also, that no matter how many credits you have toward a degree that you may select at a school, the school may require you to matriculate at least one full year of school in order to qualify for a degree from that institution. This is to prevent someone racking up degree upon degree by merely taking a few courses at School A, earn a degree, move on to School B, take a few courses, earn a degree, etc., etc.
  5. This is a mess. For so many reasons. I could see how a brand name justification could be legitimately approved for this at a high level, but at least some coherent supporting facts and assertions would be expected. And parts 6, 8, 16... what is going on??? Sounds like someone needs an IG audit. Because if this is the quality of what is going out publically, there's some problems in that shop.
  6. How would you combat with facts a statement that "the technical analyst determines fair and reasonable price in a sole source negotiation, rather than the contracting officer"? Specifically, in a situation where a technical analyst provides a report which applies the concepts of FAR 15.404-1 in considering proposed labor, material, and subcontractor and the report subsequently is almost entirely relied upon by the contracting officer to formulate a pre-negotiations position within a business clearance memorandum? And this arrangement is repeated for years for a similar procurement type. And wh
  7. Discussion is also "the examination or consideration of a matter in speech or writing". Look it up, dictionary.com
  8. I am always trying to make sense of things that I come across within federal procurement, but am having trouble with the latest. I came across an FBO announcement which is posted by an LLC who is the operating contractor at a U.S. Navy facility. The "contracting officer" is a person who works for this LLC. https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=56e061c25b44a5084903b86808da28de&tab=core&_cview=0 Is this an example of a Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated facility? I'm certain that it's legitimate, and maybe the term "contracting officer" refers to more of the rol
  9. Has the DACO knowingly or wilfully asked your firm to provide any false or misleading information into the response that you are going to provide to the Government? It sounds to me more like you believe the DACO is overstepping the role. Is the DACO going to be recipient and adjudicator of this audit response? If so, you may consider whether the comments represent feedback that will prevent rejection of the audit response.
  10. A few questions: 1) If the minimum guaranteed ordering amount was obligated at the time of award of the IDIQ, what was the bona fide need tied to the obligation via the first delivery order, beyond the need to make the contract binding through consideration? 2) If the minimum guaranteed ordering amount is representative of work to be performed, how much profit would have been associated with the work? 3) If the Contractor invoices for the full amount, what was the benefit to the Government and what did the Government receive? I suspect that the answer is that the first delivery order was issue
  11. 1. What is your all time favorite book? Ender's Game / Speaker of the Dead 2. What is your all time favorite song or album? NIN - A Warm Place / Pearl Jam - Nothing Man 3. What is your all time favorite movie? I am Legend / Heat: A Los Angeles Crime Saga 4. Who is your favorite poet artist? Vincent Van Gough And in other news, a friend offers the "The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest" 2013 contest winners, as a worthwhile read
  12. NIN - Closer (Precursor) Glitch Mob - Fortune Days White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
  13. Maybe consider the following amongst the Acquisition Team and your management as necessary (i.e. "The Government"): 1) Figure out exactly what your artifact is and why it is important. 2) Has the Government considered its courses of action? Options via contractual flexabilities or local, state, and Federal laws; and benefits, risks, costs, etc. of each option; 3) Which course of action has the Government selected?; and 4) What authority does the Government intend to rely on for its desired course of action? Is that authority valid? Go down that path on a whiteboard with the Acquisition Team,
  14. You're right Vern, I mis-spoke when I stated "It does not, therefore it is not a claim. It is a request for equitable adjustment, based on what authority for such an adjustment, I have no idea because that is not stated." I will now back-pedal, but not much. This is a very interesting case. I'm actually glad to have it. When it comes down to it I acted as I did previously, in part, because of "The Claim Problem Decision Table" that's a part of The FAR Bootcamp curriculum. Step 19 states that if the Contractor has not requested a decision by the Contracting Officer then the submission is not a
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