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  1. Did GSA allow a company to hold more than one of those awards or did they require the new companies to reduce to one contract vehicle each? Thanks very much for your answer. Also, do you know if it has ever happened with the Air Force?
  2. My company purchased another large company; both companies held several IDIQ's issued by the same agencies for the same work. Through the novation process, the Contracting Officers allowed retention of one of the two IDIQ's and ceased issuing task orders under the other. I understand that the CO has full authority to accept or reject a novation. The question though is whether one company can hold two IDIQ awards (while all other awardees have one contract). I'm asking the question because of internal strife and resistance to the CO's decision on one contract. I'm hoping to settle the issues cl
  3. Thank you all very much for your assistance. I suspected that was the case but couldn't find any discussion directly tied to the FAR. I really appreciate this resource, your time, and your wisdom. Thanks.
  4. In April of last year, my company completed construction of some security gates. All testing was successfully completed and the gates were accepted. The warranty runs through April of next year. Last month, the agency with responsibility for the gates requested that the users perform testing on the gates that was more rigorous than the specifications provided and that testing has resulted in the gates breaking twice; both times my company has responded to the warranty call. The Government intends to continue this testing methodology monthly, which could result in an on-going warranty issue (pa
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