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  1. Hi folks, Thanks for the replies. They've been really helpful and have answered my question! Truckster
  2. Yes, as part of our indirect rates. Right now we are doing just that but they are completing timesheets. Does not recording time by the executives potentially harm our indirect rates come audit time?
  3. H2H, Can you expand on some of the risks aside from having our procedures found to be inadequate? What is the fuller scope of the potential pitfalls?
  4. Hello, I work for a mid-size "large" government contractor. Our workplace policy requires all employees to record time on a daily basis. However, I have now been tasked to research if it is possible for salaried, indirect charging employees like the CEO and President, to not record their time on a timecard, period. FAR 31.201-2(d) states "a contractor is responsible for accounting for costs appropriately and for maintaining records, including supporting documentation, adequate to demonstrate that costs claimed have been incurred, are allocable to the contractor, and comply with applicable cost
  5. Hello, Yes, we have appropriately contacted counsel for additional guidance. Thank you.
  6. I've said it before and I'll proudly declare again that I'm not an expert which is why I'm asking for help in interpreting some of these protest rules.
  7. To me, I read 33.104(a)(2) that I, the awardee, should have been notified that a protest was filed. Is that not correct? If it is correct, where do I go to get a copy of the protest? Here's what FAR 33.104(a)(2) states: (2) Immediately after receipt of the GAO’s written notice that a protest has been filed, the agency shall give notice of the protest to the contractor if the award has been made, or, if no award has been made, to all parties who appear to have a reasonable prospect of receiving award if the protest is denied. The agency shall furnish copies of the protest submissions to such
  8. Hello, I work for a VOSB prime contractor. On June 28, 2013, we won a competitively solicited NAVSEA task order. We have since definitized the award with the Government, received funding and work has commenced. Today, July 26, 2013, after poking around the GAO website just for fun, I found out that the award was protested. I thought that we, the awardee, would have been notified of the protest. Is that correct? I'm reading through the GAO's Bid Protest guide and it looks like I'd be the "Intervenor" and as such should have been notified. Can I request details of the protest as the Intervenor?
  9. FWIW - According to my PCO, the SPOT registration is handled by the Task Order Contracting Officer. My TOCO is on it now. Good info. Thank you!
  10. Yes, we are the prime on this SeaPort-e task order. I have not asked by PCO yet to do so but I will now. Thank you.
  11. Navy_Contractor_4 - Thank you! I will read up on those provisions. FAR Fetched - No, it's a DON contract.
  12. Hello, I work for a small defense contractor. We are sending an engineering technician to Pakistan for the first time in about a month to provide support on an engineering services contract. Can someone help me out with what I need to do contractually to make sure this guy is covered as well as the business. For instance, looking to know if there are any special FAR provisions I should look at or clauses that need to be added to my contract to allow for travel to a potentially hostile location. I've been to the US Dept of State but I am pretty sure I'm missing something... Can anyone give som
  13. Vern, Forget "deobligate" then. We had a handshake to "downscope" the subs funding through a purchase order mod. Before we could downscope the subcontractor's purchase order, they overran our agreed revised cost and fee. Sadly, this happened after the Government pulled back the money from me, the prime. Now I'm left holding the bag trying to figure out how to pay folks when I have no money in house. I've never run into this before so I'm not sure where to start. File a claim? I don't know. - StillTrucking
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