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  1. Maybe they were going for a Reps and Certs tutorial video
  2. If a company starts automatically charging you for something that you were only testing to see if you actually wanted to purchase it in the first place, would the charge thus make you determine this would not be a company you would want to get into a contractual relationship with? For me personally it would say a lot of that particular company's business practices and would scare me away. I'll leave the ADA questions to the experts. KA20003, you may find this link useful. 18F, via cloud.gov, just rolled out a free sandbox for Federal Agency's use.
  3. I agree, it was a bit lazy. I do wish some procurement folks would have more pride in their work.
  4. Embarrassing? Maybe. But you have to give it to him for his excuse, "Rather than spend hours trying to figure our how to delete it, I posted and moved on." If anyone is curious, your system administrator for FBO can delete posts in their entirety.
  5. I personally use the FEDREGTOC-L list serve. It shows everything that comes out in the Federal Register, but if all you are looking for is FAR related updates, they are easy to find. http://listserv.access.gpo.gov/ If you go to the above link, then click on "Online mailing list archives" you can subscribe to it.
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