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  1. IA is for information services our agency is providing to the requesting agency under IDIQ contract we have with a vendor. The requesting agency does not have a CO sign off on their IA, only funding official. This is a non-Economcy Act IA. We are using revolving fund authority.
  2. My agency has no internal procedures for who must sign an interagency agreement (IA). I cannot find any FAR or statute requiring that a CO sign an IA. Am I mistaken? Can a program manager, funding official, etc sign?
  3. We anticipate terminating a commercial item contract awarded based on tradeoff evaluation only three weeks ago. There were only three offerors. One of the unsuccessful offerors was only narrowly beat out for the award by the awardee. It is now clear the successful offeror cannot perform. Do we need to re-solicit or can we simply negotiate with the two original unsuccessful offerors and award to one of them? I know 49.402-6( b ) says that we should obtain competition to the maximum extent practicable, but this is commercial item contract. Resoliciting seems useless given we only awarded this contract 3 weeks ago.
  4. Can anyone help me answer whether a D&F is required by the FAR for a non-economy act interagency agreement? Also, I work for a non-DOD agency. I can't find any requirement that a D&F is needed for non-economy act IAs. thanks for any help you can provide.
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