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  1. As I was trying to state from the beginning I don't know what I am doing, I am a PWIC who is trying to hire a PersonWithAClue to help educate me, my team, and our potential customers. My point about the bucket of money should probably have been stated "obligate funds" and it should have been stated "we have identified 50m worth of work, we are not sure how verbose the SOW needs to be for this work, we'd like to have the flexibility to have the government assign tasks easily". Similar to how 8A Stars works. Again, sorry for my writing, I am still trying to understand how everything works on a realistic level. Mucho Gracias to all those who've helped me to date!
  2. Hi guys, I am the original poster and surprised to come back to the WIFCON forum and see so many responses! It is great to see that we have a mix of all kinds of individuals - visionaries, veteran experts, hungry up-and-comers, etc. It is great to have a forum where people can have a civil discourse and agree to disagree without it devolving into name calling like so many industry forums tend to. I did not mean to upset or disparage any contracting folks. I think the problem is with the Customer and myself (Vendor) in that we don't know who to contact. The GSA is vast and different regions/departments *seem* to be specialize in IT acquisition and others specialize in XYZ. I really have no idea what I am talking about, that is why I use the word seem. I am a computer programmer/business owner. Because of my experience I consider it a miracle that we've made it to this point and have some large contracts. Could anybody begin to nudge me in the right direction? Who is the kind of person/consultant I should hire? What would the terms I should google for? 80% of what has been stated in this thread goes straight over my head. Am I on the wrong forum? To reiterate, what I am looking for is an expert who can talk with me and our End Customers in plain English. I will tell them "Hey, we have identified some IT products/services that our end user at GSA is interested in acquiring from us. We have an 8a SDB designation but they need about $50m in services and products and that is over the $3.5m threshold that our current contracts with them are. Blah blah". The expert will reply "Ok, from everything you told me so far, I suggest we meet together with the end user at GSA and we can show them two options on how to approach the contracting folks and get this awarded. For example, we could try to get a BPA setup, or maybe a Limited Sources competition. Blah blah. I recommend use GSA Region X office for this." My end goal is to reduce the lengthy discussions that go on between end users and the contracting staff as they try to figure out this and that. If we can arm our End User with valuable information then it helps everybody out! I know that many of my peers rely on their Federal Sales people to try to help the End Users navigate these treacherous waters. I would rather find a specialized expert to help us out. We have a potentially $50m project at DHS on our long term horizon that we also need help with. Please send me a Private Message if you know of anybody who we can hire for this. Thank You!
  3. We are an 8a SDB company serving the Federal Government. We have a GSA Schedule (70). Our schedule contains approximately 30 labor categories. The GSA in 4/2009 awarded us a FFP contract with ceiling of $3.5m and have spent $2m to date on this contract. They loved our performance and indicated they want to give us more work. In 2/2010 we were awarded a new TM contract with ceiling of 3.5m. Our performance has been stellar and they have again indicated they want to give us more projects! Great! Now the problem is that the GSA IT staff who are managing us do not understand acquisition, and our own IT staff is not knowledgeable on federal contracts. The GSA IT staff has many different projects of all different sizes and scopes that are looming on the horizon and we want to work with them to help complete these different projects. We are searching for a way to have a bucket of money ($50 million) obligated and they can easily write task orders and have us rapidly complete the task orders without having to bother the contracting officers for every single project/task. Time is of the essence for us to be assigned projects and have them completed. We love to work fast and get things done fast. Surprised!? Can anybody advise what the best course of action is? What contract type? How to make it sole source? We are searching for a professional consultant to help guide us (and the GSA IT staff). Thanks!
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