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  1. Formerfed - you are hitting the nail on the head. IF the company responded, is no issue. It is when companies do not respond for whatever reason. HQ would like to have the money back to either spend on current year stuff (if current year funds) or to help resolve prior year shortages (versus using current year money). And then of course to eventually lead to closing out the contract. I am of the opinion that we try to contact the company and if there is no response within a certain period of time and several attempts, that some sort of unilateral mod can be done to remove the funds. The
  2. As I am rereading some of the responses, it seems that some of you are just saying to just do an admin mod and pull the funds. Would you be leaving the quantities alone? IN my previous response concerning ambulance services, would you leave the quantity of 20,000 and just remove funding for 1000? technically leaving 1000 units unfunded.
  3. ji20874 - when you mention administrative modifications to do this, are you not changing the terms and conditions of the contract? Which in commercial modifications are supposed to be bilateral. Are you suggesting to keep the unused quantities on the contract but remove the funds? The only situations where admin mods are used are when they deal with things like changing a line of accounting or changing the administrative office of the contract. Retreadfed - the contracts are usually FFP. They might be purchase orders, some might be TO or DOs, it can vary. Many of the supply contracts con
  4. OK I feel this is going beyond what I was originally trying to find out which was how does your office remove funds off of a contract after the delivery or PoP has ended AND where the vendor does not respond after a deob mod has been sent to them? But if it helps I'll add details that others have asked about. The funds or quantities that were not used/delivered are often remaining because either the Govt did not order all of the items or the vendor failed to work all of the required hours on the contract (open position, contractor employee missed work because of illness and there was no b
  5. ji20874, It would be most like choice (1) The contract is for 10 EA at $100/EA for a total price of $1,000, but the contractor only delivers 9 and invoices for $900. Whether for supplies or services, either the vendor did not perform all of the required hours of work or not all of the supplies were delivered for one reason or another. Quantities and funds both need to come off. I'll add a little more: most of these contracts are FFP. As for 'expired' - our policy people seem to believe that a contract is expired when the PoP ends or when all quantities have been used. My per
  6. I want to pick y'alls brains regarding an issue we have in my organization regarding deobligations. Basically the situation is that a contract has ended. There is unused money/quantities on the contract. (For this, let's not worry about why there is as I do not think the reason matters at this point.) End-user submits a deob request to remove the unused funds from the contract. The bilateral mod is created and it is sent to the vendor for signature. The vendor doesn't reply. Why? Who knows. Doesn't matter really as the problem remains of the unused funds are still obligated onto the contract.
  7. I love it even more when they make changes like this at the end of the FY. Because I am sure no one is busy at this time of year.
  8. From my understanding of what mrbatesville is saying, he is being told he needs to check 2 boxes from parts 13A, 13B, 13C and 13D. 13E is not one of his two checks he is asking about (see his second post).
  9. Like Velhammer, I am not sure the vendor has any responsibility to inform you about a Bona Fide need, if they even understand/know about this rule. I feel many do not know how that works or if they do, they assume that we have already determined the need. If they know of the rule and they think that it would be an actual Bona Fide need in the following FY, they should probably mention it because it could screw them up if there is an issue.
  10. Boof, How long will it take them to 'find' these lost documents. I wonder if they will keep needing additional time all the way up until you fund them no more, then poof they have found the missing documents. So part of it would be how much is it currently costing you and how much are you willing to keep paying this. Do you even have an idea of what their progress is on what they are doing to finish this contract off? Is there an end in sight?
  11. I am curious to know if the statement of work made any mention of the possibility of this change of location (CONUS, OCONUS, non-warzone, warzone)
  12. I have to agree with MBrown in his second point. Satisfactory should just be that the item or service was delivered as agreed to in the contract. Any higher rating should have commentary demonstrating what the contractor did that made its performance so good. I believe all vendors start at a satisfactory rating and it is for them to do better or worse. Unsatisfactory should mean that you failed to meet certain conditions in the contract. Any ratings higher should clearly show the actions were a benefit to the Govt./contract. The fact that your company still delivered the item/service at the
  13. Seeing that report, makes me glad some heads are rolling. This wasn't just one or two mistakes and a minor oversight. I see a bunch of things done wrong. And by the agency that is supposed to lead the way in govt procurement. Should she have had to resign? I don't know. Depends on how much she was involved in the the whole process. But she is either guilty in her own mind or was pressured to take one for the agency. I am surprised I haven't heard about $500 hammers, $7000 coffee makers and toilet seats from people yet. (yes I know the stories behind those and how they came to be). But to spend
  14. Sorry Vern but I saw four questions and wanted to give more than a yes, no, maybe, yes to respond. I personally appreciate other's thoughts on a question that may offer another way or idea. The same goes that if I mentioned an incorrect thought, I appreciate it if someone points that out since it is possible my office is doing something incorrectly or I have misunderstood something.
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