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  1. Can anyone tell me if the "Minimum Earned Premium" for DBA Insurance is an allowable cost on a Cost Contract. Example - Policy based on Estimated Payroll of $20 Million. Premium of $2M based on 10% DBA Rate. Minimum Earned Premium based on 50% or $1 Million. Actual Payroll $7.5M. Can Contractor Invoice for DBA coverage on the $2.5M Shortfall or adjust the DBA Rate to make up the difference. Does anyone know where this is explained in DCAA Audit Manual or elsewhere Thank You
  2. This was CPFF and evaluated at the Total Taxable Compensation amount not including PTO which is in Fringe. Offerors provided a labor buildup in their own format including any locality allowance, non-discretionary incentive bonuses, and any subsistence allowance. Offerors were advised that none of these items were in Other Direct Cost.
  3. What I'm trying to do is make sure that my potential contractors won't have an issue when they invoice for Post Hardship Differential Allowance and Danger Allowance. Do I have to put something, somewhere, in the solicitation that authorized the contractor to bill up to the maximum of the DSSR Allowance. Is there sample language anywhere or a clause that is pertinent. I'm also concerned if my potential contractors may be entitled to any of the other DSSR Allowance for COLA, Living Quarters, and Education. Do contractors get reimbursed for meals when they are already getting
  4. Maybe I am not asking the question correctly. Do the Department of State Allowances automatically apply? The Department of State Website states that contractors are not directly covered by the DSSR. How then, do they become applicable.
  5. How are authorizations put into a Contract for various types of allowances (meals, living Quarters, Post Hardship Differential, Danger, Education) for Contractor US Hires working OCONUS Assignments (Multiple Year Contracts). I guess what I am asking is how any Department of State Allowances get into a Government Contract. I see that USAID has a Clause. Does Air Force or Army have a similar clause. Does the RFP authorize in Section H.
  6. Hi

    You wrote a comment about DSSR being in the Contract.

    I would appreciate if you could tell me how the various DSSR Allowances get on Contract.  Is it assumed or is it a Section H Special Instruction

    hank You


  7. Thank you everyone By accrual I was assuming that a worker may have earned personal time that they had not used by the date the contract with the predecessor ends. Do they automatically get paid for accrued personal time or may it be transferred to the new contractor so the employee can use it when his new employer approves it. Money gets transferred from predecessor contractor to the new contractor. Seems crummy that you might not get your vacation from old contractor and instead get cash. Then you have no earned vacation on the books with the new company, assuming you get hired.
  8. Does the Incumbent transfer the accrual or pay off the employee being transferred.
  9. The FAR Clause 52.222-41 states that "Not less than 10 days prior to completion of any contract being performed at a Federal facility where service employees may be retained in the performance of the succeeding contract and subject to a wage determination which contains vacation or other benefit provisions based upon length of service with a Contractor (predecessor) or successor (29 CFR 4.173), the incumbent Prime Contractor shall furnish the Contracting Officer a certified list of the names of all service employees on the Contractor’s or subcontractor’s payroll during the last month of contra
  10. I use an OCONUS Effective Labor Rate based on all productive hours and whether backfilled or not. We evaluate Total Taxable Compensation and also look at Total Comp. I totally concur with what Vern is proposing and am thankful that others continue to improve the system. In the meantime I will make it work in support of our Warriors here and OCONUS. Thanks for the insight. Quote this
  11. I'm developing a pricing model for contractor to use for a CPFF solicitation and would appreciate input from the discussion board about the treatment of Department of State (DSSR) Standardized Regulations (DSSR) Allowances and also Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance. Currently, I have offerors collect all estimated taxable salary related recruitment and retention incentives and combine them with base salary to form an OCONUS Effective Labor Rate. Offerors then add their OCONUS Indirect Expenses and Fee to the OCONUS Effective Labor Rate. I provide an Other Direct Cost (ODC) Plug Number th
  12. Yes, The primes did perform their own Price Reasonableness determination and most of the subcontracts were competed and have negotiated rates. The subcontractors have provided "other than cost and pricing" data directly to the Government and this was used to verify that the loaded rates were correctly calculated. Each subcontractor has certified that these are firm fixed price rates that may not be exceeded. We assume the Prime will use a tripwire to make sure it is not billed by the subcontractor for more than the ceiling amount.
  13. I would like guidance on a Cost Plus Fixed Fee Proposal. We requested the labor buildup for each labor category so we could evaluate cost realism. A Prime offeror proposes subcontractor Fully Burdened Firm Fixed Price Ceiling Labor Rates for half the proposed effort. We do not anticipate any privity of contract with the subcontractor(s). Assuming that many smaller subcontractors have lower overhead this would allow the Prime to lower its proposed cost. The likely cost of performance however is going to be higher since the effort may not get subcontracted out by the Prime. It seems it wou
  14. Please - One More Question. I doubt that an Incumbent Contractor or Incumbent Contractors would be very happy about the Average CY 2016 Exempt Direct Labor Rate getting published in a solicitation. Is this rate proprietary? We would not be giving out specific labor rates for single labor classifications. - perhaps an average Engineering/Scientific Rate and an average Computer Engineering/Computer Scientist Rate. Thank You
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