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  1. Thanks for everyone's input. Let me know if anyone has additional guidance they would like to post. Just because someone was on the FAR Council does not mean that they don't have operational contracting experience. I was told before that the FAR is the lowest common denominator that the different agencies could agree on. I have also heard it described as a collection of 200 yrs of best practice. :-)
  2. Thanks for the correction that it is not a clause I knew that, but was imprecise in my answer. Sorry about that error. There are also a few spelling errors in my postings that I appologize for. ;-) I have reached out to a former member of the FAR Council and he did not agree with your intrepretation. Is this a cut an dried situation? Do you not recognize any situations as discussed above that would warrent using eval criteria? How is the vendor to know how you will evaluate their proposal if you do not tell them in the Solicitation??
  3. I beleive the clause could be read to remove "unnecessary evaluation criteria." For example: when there is no competition and the contractor is already performing, it may not make sence to evaluate past performance information in that case. Are you interpreting 15.002(a) to say that "all" evaluation criteria are removed in every sole source negotiated procurement??
  4. If you don't agree that the reasons I provided would requre eval criteria, are there any circumstances that you would recognize a need for eval criteria when issuing TO Solicitations against a single award IDIQ?
  5. A proposal would be submitted by the vendor in response to a TO Solicitation in each case. The IDIQ is for Professional type services. The TOs will be on a cost reimbursable basis not T&M.
  6. Reasons to have TO eval criteria: 1. A responsibility determination should be made for each awarded TO which would also include evaluating a vendor?s proposal against the criteria of whether the procurement will provide best value to the government. 2. How does one have a basis to negotiate a sole source TO unless the vendor?s proposal does not comply with some evaluation standard? 3. One should do either a price or cost reasonableness determination which is a mandatory evaluation requirement. The TOs are cost reimbursement.
  7. Can anyone provided guidance on whether TO evaluation criteria are required in a TO RFQ to be issued under a single award IDIQ? The IDIQ ordering procedures don't contain eval criteria for issuance of TOs. Thanks
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