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    I like doing teaching/training/research/writing. Always looking for good paper/article topics. If there's an old unresolved issue in the field that needs to be researched, send it along, even if narrow.

    I am also interested in hearing more about the differences between how the private sector trains, develops, promotes, and makes use of its contract managers vs govt. There is an entirely different train of thought from what I can detect and I would like to hear more about the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, from your persective.

    Lastly, I'm interested in hearing from any commands or groups that actually use price negotiators. What is that experience like? Most offices I've seen in my limited experience don't use them and actually don't emphasis price negotiation, just 'price verification' to coin a term.
  1. The problem of contaminated soil exists with or without a barter contract. Has anyone yet advised to allow offerors a site visit to test the soil before offer? If not, has the government provided the results of a government conducted soil test? If neither, your issue is broader than whether or not a barter contract will fly: your issue is that you have not tested the soil.
  2. The FAR is chapter 1 of title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The DFARS is subchapter 2, etc.. Title 48 of the CFR is composed of the FAR and the agency FAR Supplements both. Why does one see the FAR composed of Subchapters A through H? Because the FAR itself is the Chapter level, i.e. Chapter 1. The regulations that all executive agencies promulgate are published in the CFR (they are 'codified' there after first being published in the Federal Register). Some agencies get a whole CFR title to themselves, but in this case, the FAR is a regulation that is drafted by/applies to multiple agencies. GSA, Dod, and NASA share responsibility for maintaining it, so unlike some other CFR titles, this one is not specific to a single agency. See http://www.acquisition.gov/far/far_faqframe.html for frequently asked questions.
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