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  1. I looked at one of the beginning lines in the case . . . I haven't looked at the arguments yet but my immediate view is that vendor lists as technical data is nonsense. Then I thought of the use of "technical evaluations" of offerors price proposals that we used 50 years ago. I wouldn't view that as technical either. I can still remember a GAO auditor from our Philadelphia region who did the old GAO pricing reviews using his term "techeval" whenever he saw me. That was in the early 1970s.
  2. Here are examples of how is it used. See Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company v. U. S., ASBCA No. 62209, August 3, 2022. Also see King Aerospace, Inc., ASBCA No. 60933, 19- 1 BCA ¶ 37,316.
  3. Thank you all. That is the case. There is an article about the affair from that time in the British Independent. The Spy Who Conned Me': a real-life thriller in Surrey
  4. Years ago, I read a Court of Federal Claims case in which a second party was trying to get payment from the CIA because he had contracted with a CIA agent in the field. In the case, the second party could not prove the agent ever existed because the agent was using an alias. It was an amusing predicament but I never posted it here. I've searched several different times over the years but never could find it. I would recognize it if I read it again. Can comeone identify that case and let me know what it was?
  5. And here comes some more: H. R. 7900 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023. Passed House and crawled into the Senate awaiting further perfection. S. 4543 - James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023. Introduced in July 2022 and ready for more perfection in the Senate. If that doesn't register, check out this page and read some of those GOBBLERS. Most have no chance of becoming law buy some may.
  6. THE MEANING OF “SHOULD”: Two Approaches. by Ralph C. Nash with an addendum by Vernon J. Edwards.
  7. Start with the low hanging fruit. There is the Press Release that accompanies the bill. Start with that. He introduced S. 583 - PRICE Act of 2021 which became law and he mentioned in his press release. Why? There was a Business Meeting today in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that included discussions on this bill among others. Start at about the 17 minute mark. Maybe Peters will elaborate on it there. I believe he might mention that there will be markups of the bills in September. That may be followed by a Senate report when and if it gets out of committee. I wouldn't go any further than the press release and the business meeting at this time--unless the press release mentions something specific. The bill only has about 2 months in this Congreess for anything to happen. Then it has to be introduced in the new 118th Congress beginning next year. [At about the 35 minute mark Senator Lankford mentions a couple things in the bill. Apparently, he and his staff worked on it too.]
  8. S. 4623: AGILE Procurement Act of 2022. Make sure you read Section 4.
  9. Shortly after July 4, 1998, Wifcon.com began. This is the end of its 24th year and the beginning of its 25th. On July 8, 2023, it will be 25 years old. I still remember writing this in 2013: And here I am in my solitude on a Wednesday night in July 2022 still looking for news, decisions, etc. to post to the home page. With Blue Jay and Lily still by my side.
  10. New this past week. H. R. 8325 - Preventing Personal Conflicts of Interest in Federal Acquisition Act
  11. I did this chart so that you could see what the GS-1102 contracting workforce looks like according to age. The source for this information is the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) which has its latest data as of 9/26/2021. As of 9/26/2021, there were 40,619 people in the GS-1102 series. Of that total, there were 21,851 women and 18,768 men. The average time-in-service for the GS-1102 workforce was 13.1 years. If you compare the total in the last line of this table to the 40,619 number you will find there is a difference of 9 people. I suppose it was caused by a rounding error by OPM. The top row shows the age groups that OPM uses. The vertical column which I labeled "Time in Years" shows time-in-service of that age group. For example, in the 30 - 34 age group, there were 698 people with 3 - 4 years in service. Ages 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 < 65 Time in Years >1 286 415 347 322 255 177 113 72 38 1 - 2 343 820 759 682 515 371 293 183 66 26 3 - 4 64 680 698 616 458 330 275 141 72 18 5 - 9 451 1,438 1,694 1,192 822 861 601 231 80 10 - 14 15 1,003 2,729 2,017 1,226 1,427 1,217 641 228 15 - 19 38 749 1,569 858 683 830 517 193 20 - 24 37 492 616 510 428 251 126 25 - 29 13 256 489 383 201 66 30 - 34 50 584 895 372 125 < 35 90 693 775 411 Totals 693 2,381 4,283 6,829 6,511 4,706 5,325 5,443 3,164 1,273
  12. I was thinking about modernizing the contracting process when I looked at the baloney last night. This morning I looked at the clean version of H. R. 7900, the House NDAA for 2023. I mention clean version because it just started the amendment process yesterday. It was reported out of House committee on 7/1/22. Theoretically, during the hearing process, one of the representatives on the committee identifies a real need that requires the law to be changed. Title 8 is the annual dumping groung for bad contracting ideas. Bad, in the sense that we don't need another piece of legislative garbage clogging up the contracting process. It didn't take me long to find one. Here it is Now, I have 2 dogs that rule my house. They want something, they get it. They are a Princess and Prince. But, do we need to have a legislative requirement to instruct DLA to buy Made in America dog food. We need someone to read this and get so angry that they begin reforming the process. As for me . . .
  13. Vern posted the above a few weeks ago. As you can see from our poll of Wifcon users, this has spread to Wifcon.com. Of 23 votes cast in our unscientific poll to date, all 23 votes are from users who are 30 and above. Even more scary is the fact that about 44% of us are 60 years and above. It isn't as if there is no new blood here because I continue to add new members every day -- from the government and industry. Over the past few years, I have found less and less information to post on the daily Home Page. It hasn't happened overnight. Rather, it has happened over the years. I've been adding more and more sources to search for information that contracting individuals might find useful. Quite franly, the amount of information out there has declined from that in the past. It's as if no one cares about you. Last Friday, OMB released its plans for the Administration's management agenda for federal contracting. I consider it BALONEY. Actually, I have many more unkind thigs to say about it. You may say Where is it? as you search. I think it is objectives without stating the existence of a problem to correct
  14. One of the current issues is that the contracting workforce is aging with only a small percent of young individuals in the workforce. Although there are only 18 votes in the current poll, it appears that Wifcon members may have aged over the years too with NO members in the youngest group. Please vote in the poll so we reach a larger number of members voting. Age of members may result in changes to the Wifcon site.
  15. The population of the United States is 74% the size of the European Union. Additionally both the United States and European Union share many of the same government contractors. Considering that, some of our members may be interested in what is going on in the other side of our shared pond. Chapter 4: ROLE OF DIGITAL PLATFORM FOR GOVTECH AND PUBLIC PROCUREMENT specifically covers procurement so I point it out. Here is a link to The Digital Single Market and the Digitalisation of the Public Sector
  16. In the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals there is a case: Raj J. Patel v. U. S., CBCA 7419, June 24, 2022 with a complaint for the above. You may figure it out.
  17. Mine was just like this one "red" but this is 1969 and 1986. ASPM #1. 1969 ASPM 1986 I think I read the 1986 version the most, especially Chapter 8. I always liked this one under "Gamesmanship." "The Here It Is Friday Afternoon and You've Got to Catch the Plane Squeeze" OK, back to the topic.
  18. Read it and weep. Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General—Legality of Service of Acting Inspector General
  19. When you log-in today, how about clicking your age on this poll.
  20. Another new article from Vernon J. Edwards entitled : OFPP: Dead Letters?
  21. Commissioning of Virginia-Class Fast Attack Submarine Montana I was updating the Home Page of Wifcon.com this morning when I found this. I've never watched a commissioning of a ship before and I deleted all the political speeches before I started watching. We can see it was a beautiful day at Naval Station Norfolk and I enjoyed the formality of the actual commissioning and learned from it. I placed the post under Contracting Workforce to acknowledge the contracting workforces of Newport News Shipbuilding, its subcontractors and suppliers, and that of the Navy. The actual commissioning begins at about 40 mimutes into the ceremony and lasts about 30 minutes more. Of course, it you want to hear politicians talk, you can start from the beginning.
  22. I thought about a number of simple ways to do it. So far, we have 4 responses -- out of 7,000 registered users.
  23. I did something like that years ago. I offered $50 or $100 for doing something. Someone won and it took me forever to convince the winner that he was going to be getting the money. That was the last time I tried that.
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