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NDAA Provision Requires Federal Procurement Through ‘Online Marketplaces’ A provision contained in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 (NDAA), H.R. 2810, covers “Procurement Through Online Marketplaces.”  Section 801 of Act requires the Administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA) to establish for government-wide use a program to procure products through online marketplaces for the purposes of expediting procurements while ensuring reasonable pricing of com

Timeliness of Bid Protests

By Tyler Freiberger  Untimeliness is one of the most common reasons protests of government solicitations and awards before the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) and The Court of Federal Claims are dismissed. The accompanying chart describes the somewhat harsh and complex rules required for filing before each body. For protests on how a solicitation is written, a contractor must protest simply before the bids are made. But other protests have strict timing demands measured from when the b

Centre Law & Consulting

Centre Law & Consulting

Small Business and Working With Similarly Situated Entities

If you are like me and work for a small business, you have been patiently waiting for the FAR Council to implement the Small Business Administration’s final rule from June 2016 that made major changes to the way performance requirements apply to small business in set-aide contracts. For those who don’t know, this change allows for a prime small business, WOSB, SDVOSB, EDWOSB, 8A, or a HUBZone company to subcontract in service contracts to similarly situated firms and not count towards the 50% s

FAC 2019-02 Issued

By Wayne Simpson, CFCM, CSCM In the Monday, May 6, 2019, edition of the Federal Register, the Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) issued Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2019-02, which covers several final rules implementing two Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) cases, and a final rule implementing technical amendments, all of  which modify the FAR. FAC 2019-02 contains the final rule impl

System for Award Management (SAM) Roll Out to Consolidate Ten Affiliated Sites

The System for Award Management (SAM) is a system in which contractors must register in order to do business with the federal government. SAM was created to consolidate and eliminate some of the legacy systems. SAM’s goal is to consolidate a majority of the federal procurement systems into one user friendly system. The next phase for SAM modernization is due to be released in September 2017. The new beta.SAM.gov being released is the Office of the Integrated Award Environment’s (IAE) effort to c

Changes to Subcontracting Reporting Requirements—Effective November 30, 2017

By Colin Johnson A Final Rule published in the Federal Register July 14, 2016, effective November 1, 2016, amended the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to implement regulatory changes made by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) , which provide for a Governmentwide policy on small business subcontracting.  One of the changed requirements effects subcontracting reports submitted after November 30, 2017. Specifically, the language at FAR 19.704(a)(10)(iii), 52.219-9(d)(10)(iii), and

Centre Law & Consulting

Centre Law & Consulting

DOL Raises (and Lowers) Health and Welfare Fringe Rate for Service Contractors

Just when you thought Service Contract Act compliance couldn’t get any more complicated, along comes the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) to prove you wrong. Last week, the DOL issued All Agency Memorandum No. 225 which increased the applicable Health and Welfare (“H&W”) fringe rate from $4.27 per hour to $4.41 effective today, August 1, 2017. While the adjustment to H&W was expected, the DOL’s actions with respect to federal contracts subject to Executive Order 13706 was not. As a ref

GAO Sustains Protest on Four Billion Dollar Solicitation Evaluation

In its September 18, 2017 decision, the GAO sustained McCann-Erickson USA, Inc.’s (“McCann”) protest challenging the Army’s preliminary elimination of McCann’s proposal for advertising services on an acquisition valued up to $4 billion.  After receiving numerous proposals the Army performed a “compliance review” aimed at thinning the number of proposals before applying the evaluation criteria detailed in the requests for proposals. McCann’s proposal was eliminated for alleged failures in followi

GSA’s Streamlined Offer Process for Successful Legacy Contractors

As many contractors are approaching the end of their 20-year contract period in the FSS program, the General Services Administration (GSA) has made it possible for successful legacy contractors to follow a streamlined offer process for their new 20-year contract. Clause A-FSS-11 has been updated so that a contractor can now submit an offer for a new contract under the same Schedule at any time during the existing contract period. Process Requirements In order to follow the streamlined offer pr

Centre Law & Consulting

Centre Law & Consulting

Uncompensated Overtime and the Tooth Fairy

My granddaughter recently lost a baby tooth in the ‘usual way.’ One morning, she felt the tooth begin to move the slightest bit. She wiggled it back and forth throughout the day and by dinner…Voile! Only one day later, she lost two more courtesy of her dentist to make room for the incoming ‘permanent’ ones. The Tooth Fairy kept the commitment of retrieving the lost teeth from under her pillow in a timely fashion – in this case staying up late on two consecutive nights – and rewarded her for pai

GSA OIG Reviews Industrial Operations Analysts: What’s in Your IOA’s Report Card?

As a consultant assisting clients prepare for their Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) visit, I am surprised by the anxiety that precedes these “I’m here to help you” visits. I receive comments from “I didn’t sleep all night” and “I forgot my Basis of Award (BOA) customer” to “Will the IOA cancel my contract as I forgot to pay my Industrial Funding Fee for the last quarter.” The anxiety has increased over the last two years as the IOAs are now reviewing your GSA Schedule annually if you have

Centre Law & Consulting

Centre Law & Consulting

SIP – As Easy As 1-2-3

By Julia Coon GSA Advantage!® is the General Services Administration (GSA)’s online shopping and ordering system that provides access to products and services offered under the GSA Schedule program. Once a new schedule contract or modification is awarded, contractors have 30 days from the effective date to upload their pricelist to GSA Advantage!®  The pricelist can be uploaded to GSA Advantage!® through the Schedules Input Program (SIP). GSA’s SIP software is free to Schedule contractors and

Centre Law & Consulting

Centre Law & Consulting

GSA Order-Level Materials (OLMs) – Updates and Next Steps

By Maureen Jamieson, Executive Director of Consulting Hopefully, you have been following the breaking news regarding the final rule on Order-Level Materials (OLMs). After many years of discussion on this subject, the General Services Administration (GSA) is amending the General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation (GSAR) providing the authority to acquire OLMs when placing task or delivery orders against a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) or FSS Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). And exa

GAO Threads The Needle With Clarifications Versus Discussions

In September of 2016, Aurotech Inc. won an award for a blanket purchase agreement with Health and Human Services, FDA. Discover Tech made a persuasive protest of that award, resulting in the FDA taking corrective action, and to reevaluate Aurotech’s and Discover Tech’s quotations. After the FDA revised its initial award, now choosing Discover Tech in the award determination, Aurotech filed an unsuccessful protest. Aurotech challenged the Agency’s evaluation of how Discover Tech’s reductions to

VETS-4212 Reporting Begins August 1, 2017

Federal Contractor and Subcontractor Labor Reporting Requirements Under the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act This is a reminder to Federal contractors and subcontractors of an important annual Federal labor reporting requirement coming due September 30, 2017.  The Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA) requires Federal contractors and subcontractors with contracts valued at > $150,000 to annually report employment data for protected Veterans in their emplo

Increased Micropurchase and Simplified Acquisition Thresholds May be Implemented Sooner Than Later

By Wayne Simpson, Centre Consultant, CFCM, CSCM Good news for Federal contractors and buyers.  On February 16, 2018, the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council (CAAC) issued CAAC Letter No. 2018-02 to Federal agencies regarding a class deviation to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for implementing the new increased micropurchase and simplified acquisition thresholds.  The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2018 (Public Law 115-91, December 12, 2017) (NDAA 2018), rais

GSA’s Streamlined Offer Process for Successful Legacy Contractors

As many contractors are approaching the end of their 20-year contract period in the FSS program, the General Services Administration (GSA) has made it possible for successful legacy contractors to follow a streamlined offer process for their new 20-year contract. Clause A-FSS-11 has been updated so that a contractor can now submit an offer for a new contract under the same Schedule at any time during the existing contract period. Process Requirements In order to follow the streamlined offer pr

Centre Law & Consulting

Centre Law & Consulting

Welcome to FOIA: Where the rules are made up and the deadline doesn’t matter

By Tyler Freiberger If you represent government contractors, or if you are one, it seems eventually you will develop a love-hate relationship with The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The purpose and goal of FOIA is somewhat remarkable; quick access to any government information not specifically confidential or otherwise classified. But in practice, this rarely seems to be the case. Some days you need a simple piece of information; you know the Agency wrote a report, you know nothing in it is

Fraud Alert: SAM Website Hit Again

By Wayne Simpson, CFCM, CSCM Thousands of Registrants Potential Fraud Victims—Check Your Info!! Once again, the Federal Government’s System for Award Management (SAM) (www.sam.gov) was the target of fraudulent activity. SAM is the official website of the United States Government for entities to register to do business with the Federal Government. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the Federal agency responsible for administering the SAM System, began notifying registrants on Marc

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Update—New Rules

By Wayne Simpson, CFCM, CSCM On May 1, 2018, the General Services Administration (GSA) published FAC 2005-98 in the Federal Register, covering a number of FAR Cases with Final Rules effective May 31, 2018. The online version of the FAR (www.acquisition.gov) will not be updated until May 31, 2018. FAR Case 2017-007, Task-and-Delivery Order Protest; Final Rule, effective May 31, 2018.  This Final Rule amends FAR Part 16 and implements § 835 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fi

Getting “Real” – Agency’s Inadequate Price Realism Evaluation Supports Protest

By Hon. Jack Delman In Apogee Engineering, LLC, 2019 CPD 85, 2019 WL 927366 (February 21, 2019), the GAO recently sustained a protest, due to, among other things, the agency’s failure to show that it performed an adequate price realism evaluation as required by the RFP. The Department of Transportation, Office of the Secretary of Transportation (agency), issued the RFP as a competitive set aside under the SBA’s 8(a) program. The RFP contemplated the award of a labor hour contract with fixed-pr

The Promoting Value Based Procurement Act of 2017 Approved by House Oversight Committee

Last week the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved the Promoting Value Based Procurement Act of 2017 on a voice vote without any dissent, meaning the bill now proceeds to the House floor. The Act, which was initially introduced in June, substantially limits the number of federal contracts that may use the lowest-priced bid as the major deciding factor – this means a severe limit on lowest price technically acceptable, or LPTA, contracts. In fact, the current text of the bil

Centre Law & Consulting

Centre Law & Consulting

Proper Classification of Workers is Important for Compliance with FLSA and SCLS

By now you have probably heard that the Department of Labor’s regulations for the white-collar exemptions to overtime compensation were finalized and will be effective December 1, 2016. You are probably also aware that your company should be analyzing how its employees are classified to ensure it is prepared to comply with the regulations come December 1. What you may not have thought about is how your analysis (and any changes to employee exemption status) may impact your federal government con

Don’t Get Caught By the Federal Civil Penalties “Catch up” Adjustments

On June 7, 2016, the U.S. Department of State announced that it is implementing “catch-up” adjustments to the maximum amounts of the monetary penalties it assesses for regulatory violations. Under the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015, federal agencies must make a one time “catch-up” adjustment to their civil monetary penalties in order to account for inflation. Federal agencies are required to publish interim final rules with the initial penalty adjustmen

GAO Won’t Reconsider Protests Dismissed During Jurisdiction Lapse

Back on November 28, 2016, both Analytic Strategies LLC and Gemini Industries, Inc.’s protests were dismissed by the GAO for lack of jurisdiction. The firms initially protested the General Services Administration’s (GSA) exclusion of their proposals under a task order to provide mission support services for the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency (JIDA). The protests were subsequently dismissed by the GAO as its statutory grant of jurisdiction to consider such protests had expired. Congress su
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