National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016


Bills and Reports Providing Background to P. L. 114-

S. 1356 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016

Presidential Veto  - H. R. 1735

H. R. 1735 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016

House Conference Report 114-270

H. Rept. 114-102 - to accompany H. R. 1735

S. Rpt. 114-49 to accompany S. 1376

Analysis of Contracting Related Sections

Using the NDAA 2016 Pages

Subtitle A — Acquisition Policy and Management
Sec. 801: Required review of acquisition-related functions of the Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 802. Role of Chiefs of Staff in the acquisition process
Sec. 803. Expansion of rapid acquisition authority
Sec. 804. Middle tier of acquisition for rapid prototyping and rapid fielding
Sec. 805. Use of alternative acquisition paths to acquire critical national security capabilities
Sec. 806. Secretary of Defense waiver of acquisition laws to acquire vital national security capabilities
Sec. 807. Acquisition authority of the Commander of United States Cyber Command
Sec. 808. Report on linking and streamlining requirements, acquisition, and budget processes within Armed Forces
Sec. 809. Advisory panel on streamlining and codifying acquisition regulations
Sec. 810. Review of time-based requirements process and budgeting and acquisition systems
Subtitle B — Amendments To General Contracting Authorities, Procedures, And Limitations
Sec. 811. Amendment relating to multiyear contract authority for acquisition of property
Sec. 812. Applicability of cost and pricing data and certification requirements
Sec. 813. Rights in technical data
Sec. 814. Procurement of supplies for experimental purposes
Sec. 815. Amendments to other transaction authority
Sec. 816. Amendment to acquisition threshold for special emergency procurement authority
Sec. 817. Revision of method of rounding when making inflation adjustment of acquisition-related dollar thresholds
Subtitle C—Provisions Relating to Major Defense Acquisition Programs
Sec. 821. Acquisition strategy required for each major defense acquisition program, major automated information system, and major system
Sec. 822. Revision to requirements relating to risk management in development of major defense acquisition programs and major systems
Sec. 823. Revision of Milestone A decision authority responsibilities for major defense acquisition programs
Sec. 824. Revision of Milestone B decision authority responsibilities for major defense acquisition programs
Sec. 825. Designation of milestone decision authority
Sec. 826. Tenure and accountability of program managers for program definition periods
Sec. 827. Tenure and accountability of program managers for program execution periods
Sec. 828. Penalty for cost overruns
Sec. 829. Streamlining of reporting requirements applicable to Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering regarding major defense acquisition programs
Sec. 830. Configuration Steering Boards for cost control under major defense acquisition programs
Sec. 831.  Repeal of requirement for stand-alone manpower estimates for major defense acquisition programs
Sec. 832. Revision to duties of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Developmental Test and Evaluation and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering
Subtitle D — Provisions Relating to Acquisition Workforce
Sec. 841. Amendments relating to Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund
Sec. 842. Dual-track military professionals in operational and acquisition specialties
Sec. 843. Provision of joint duty assignment credit for acquisition duty
Sec. 844. Mandatory requirement for training related to the conduct of market research
Sec. 845. Independent study of implementation of defense acquisition workforce improvement efforts
Sec. 846. Extension of authority for the civilian acquisition workforce personnel demonstration project
Subtitle E--Provisions Relating to Commercial Items
Sec. 851. Procurement of commercial items
Sec. 852. Modification to information required to be submitted by offeror in procurement of major weapon systems as commercial items
Sec. 853. Use of recent prices paid by the Government in the determination of price reasonableness
Sec. 854. Report on defense-unique laws applicable to the procurement of commercial items and commercially available off-the-shelf items
Sec. 855. Market research and preference for commercial items
Sec. 856. Limitation on conversion of procurements from commercial acquisition procedures
Sec. 857. Treatment of goods and services provided by nontraditional defense contractors as commercial items
Subtitle F - Industrial Base Matters
Sec. 861. Amendment to Mentor-Protege Program
Sec. 862. Amendments to data quality improvement plan
Sec. 863. Notice of contract consolidation for acquisition strategies
Sec. 864. Clarification of requirements related to small business contracts for services
Sec. 865. Certification requirements for Business Opportunity Specialists, commercial market representatives, and procurement center representatives
Sec. 866. Modifications to requirements for qualified HUBZone small business concerns located in a base closure area
Sec. 867. Joint venturing and teaming
Sec. 868. Modification to and scorecard program for small business contracting goals
Sec. 869. Establishment of an Office of Hearings and Appeals in the Small Business Administration; petitions for reconsideration of size standards
Sec. 870. Additional duties of the Director of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Sec. 871. Including subcontracting goals in agency responsibilities
Sec. 872. Reporting related to failure of contractors to meet goals under negotiated comprehensive small business subcontracting plans
Sec. 873. Pilot program for streamlining awards for innovative technology projects
Sec. 874. Surety bond requirements and amount of guarantee
Sec. 875. Review of Government access to intellectual property rights of private sector firms
Sec. 876. Inclusion in annual technology and industrial capability assessments of a determination about defense acquisition program requirements
Subtitle F - Other Matters
Sec. 881. Consideration of potential program cost increases and schedule delays resulting from oversight of defense acquisition programs
Sec. 882. Examination and guidance relating to oversight and approval of services contracts
Sec. 883. Streamlining of requirements relating to defense business systems
Sec. 884. Procurement of personal protective equipment
Sec. 885. Amendments concerning detection and avoidance of counterfeit electronic parts
Sec. 886. Exception for AbilityOne products from authority to acquire goods and services manufactured in Afghanistan, Central Asian States, and Djibouti
Sec. 887. Effective communication between government and industry
Sec. 888. Standards for procurement of secure information technology and cyber security systems
Sec. 889. Unified information technology services
Sec. 890. Cloud strategy for Department of Defense
Sec. 891. Development period for Department of Defense information technology systems
Sec. 892. Revisions to pilot program on acquisition of military purpose nondevelopmental items
Sec. 893. Improved auditing of contracts
Sec. 894. Sense of Congress on evaluation method for procurement of audit or audit readiness services
Sec. 895. Mitigating potential unfair competitive advantage of technical advisors to acquisition programs
Sec. 896. Survey on the costs of regulatory compliance
Sec. 897. Treatment of interagency and State and local purchases when the Department of Defense acts as contract intermediary for the General Services Administration
Sec. 898. Competition for religious services contracts
Sec. 899. Pilot program regarding risk-based contracting for smaller contract actions under the Truth In Negotiations Act


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