National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

(P. L. 112-)

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On March 29, 2012, H. R. 4310, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013, was introduced in the House of Representatives.  On May 11, 2012,  it was reported by the House Armed Services Committee with H. Rpt. 112-479.  On June 4, 2012, S. 3254, the the Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013, was introduced in the Senate and reported with Senate Report 112-173.

Both bills passed their respective houses and House Conference Report 112-705 and by December 21, 2012, the conference report was agreed upon.  H. R. 4310, as passed by the House and Senate, was signed into law on January 2, 2013. 

All sections of H. R. 4310 identified by Wifcon.com as being related to contracting were explained, to some extent, in House Conference Report 112-705.  Of these sections, all but 23 sections were tracked further to either House Report 112-479 or Senate Report 112-173 for additional explanation.  Additional research is being done in an attempt to track the remaining 23 sections to other legislative support. 

The Wifcon.com analysis is set up according to section of H. R. 4210.  These sections and legislative explanations are prepared in the regular format:  the section of the bill is posted in the left column and the supporting reports, beginning with the conference report, are listed in the right column.  However, the legislative provisions not adopted (LPNA) page includes the conference report explanation in the left column and the section of the House or Senate bill in the right column.

The LPNA includes report explanation from the titles of H. R. 4310 where contracting sections were identified.  These titles can be seen on the contents page.



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