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National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008

(P. L. 110-)

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How To Use the NDAA 2008 Suite of Pages

Wifcon.com's analysis of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2008, includes a review of the House conference report 110-477, the House Armed Services Committee report 110-146 that accompanied H. R. 1585, and the Senate Armed Services Committee report 110-77 that accompanied S. 1547.  Sections from the House conference report are picked judgmentally selected for highlight.  As a result, you might believe that something important is missing or something unimportant is included in this analysis.  

For a section of law that was passed, the left column of the pages includes the section of the law and the right column includes excerpts from the reports with the House conference report first and then followed by any excerpts from the House and Senate Armed Services reports identified in the conference reports.  The excerpts from the reports may add to the understanding of the NDAA provisions or they may also direct an agency to take some action.  You will not find all report excerpts that are mentioned in the conference report.  That is because both the House and Senate versions of H. R. 1585 were amended after they were reported by the Armed Services Committees.  In the Senate, 20 or more amendments may have been "considered" together and passed "en banc" without any explanation of their intended purpose.  As a result, you will see fewer excerpts from the Senate Armed Services Committee report. 

The analysis also includes "Legislative Provisions Not Adopted" and any explanation from the conference report.  In one case, the conference report directs the Secretary of Defense to take an action even though the legislative provision was not adopted. 

In the conference report, you will notice it refers to the "Senate Amendment."  This is because the House amended and passed its bill, H. R. 1585, on May 17, 2007, and then sent it to the Senate.  Once in the Senate, the Senate amended H. R. 1585 with its own amendments resulting in the Senate's amended version of H. R. 1585.

Finally, the NDAA is the federal government's annual contracting bill.  Just because you may contract with a civilian agency or work for a civilian agency, don't think the NDAA will not apply to you.  Specific sections this NDAA apply to civilian agencies.  Additionally, the Federal Acquisition Regulation Councils could decide to take a provision of the NDAA and write a regulation that applies governmentwide.



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