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In Topic: Funny or tragic? Part I

16 October 2014 - 12:02 PM

In my experience a lot of people tend to confuse the various justification documents and formats from different parts  (6, 8, 16) of the FAR.  The Army's Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) program contracts are also Part 16 contracts, but the ordering guides instructs you to prepare justifications using the FAR Part 8 format.  I just ran across a question on the Ask A Professor site when an individual asked about preparing Class Brand Name Justifications for Part 8 buys, and the answer given was that it is possible in accordance with FAR Part 6.  Here is a link to that particular Q&A: https://dap.dau.mil/...estionID=120988

In Topic: SEWP Software Maintenance Question

15 September 2014 - 03:04 PM

Good stuff sdvr!  I had never ran accross that on the SEWP site before. Thanks!

In Topic: SEWP Software Maintenance Question

10 September 2014 - 11:43 AM

Also see this thread:




I tend to use GSA as my yard stick for software maintenance now.  I see how the specific product is classified on GSA.  Does it fall under Special Item Number (SIN) 132-32 or 132-24? Assuming the product is on GSA of course.  Based on that, I make my decision on whether it is a product (paid up front), or a service (paid in arrears).  While that is not an authoritative source, it does give me some backup information that I can use as a rationale for making my decision.

In Topic: Three-year PoP

28 July 2014 - 06:37 AM

If you are talking about software versus hardware maintenance, then the rules could be different.  Software maintenance is more well defined.  GSA has definitions for software maintenance as a product and software maintenance as a service.  Many of the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) also now incorporate a definition on software maintenance as a product and software maintenance as a service.  For Army customers, the Army Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) office also has came up with a definition of software maintenance as a product and software maintenance as a service.  All of these definitions would indicate that software maintenance as a product can be paid for up-front, and I would opine that as a product the term could span more than 1 year.  However, software maintenance as a service could not be paid for in advance, and in my opinion could not span for more than 1 year.

In Topic: Three-year PoP

25 July 2014 - 12:07 PM

We wrangle with this issue all the time, and are currently dealing with it on a particular buy. The question seems to boil down to are you purchasing a supply (product) or a service?  Is it a maintenance plan, or an extended warranty? See GAO Decision B-249006 where they say you can pay for warranties in advance, but not maintenance contracts.


As far as what the SEWP vendor telling you about 1 year support agreements for HP equipment being gone, I don’t believe it, unless it is something that very recently came about (as in within the past few weeks).  HP still has a 1 year support option available through GSA.  HP is also a SEWP vendor, and when they quote on SEWP they will only allow you to pay monthly or quarterly in arrears, and will not accept up-front payment.  Other SEWP vendors will want up-front payment for HP support however.


See this related discussion: http://www.wifcon.com/discussion/index.php?/topic/2501-it-hardware-maintenance-supply-or-service/?hl=hardware