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REAs and Claims: Is There A Difference?

Posted by Vern Edwards, 23 August 2012 · 27,884 views

Despite the plain language of the FAR definition of claim and an overwhelming amount of case law, many contracting practitioners falsely believe that claims and requests for equitable adjustment (REA) under a contract clause are categorically different, that a contractor must submit an REA before it can submit a claim,  and that there can’t be a cla...

A Master of Science Degree in Government Contracting?

Posted by Vern Edwards, 19 August 2012 · 5,125 views

The George Washington University has announced a program for a Master of Science in Government Contracting. http://business.gwu....gc/program/.  I knew this program was in the works, and it is a good thing, but the curriculum is a disappointment. Here it is:There is a link on the webpage to the course descriptions.  Basically, what they have done is sl...

Enough, already!

Posted by Vern Edwards, 02 August 2012 · 3,465 views

I’m going to show some self-restraint here and not say that I hate Congress. This morning’s Government Executive   email reported that some representative from Florida on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee "spoke out" about GSA bonuses and conference spending -- “GSA hammered on outrageous bonuses, conference s...