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Two Days To Remember

Posted by bob7947, 05 April 2013 · 821 views

The government has plenty of rules involving time.  In certain circumstances, an offeror has 10 days to submit a protest.  On the other end of the process, contractors have so much time to submit a claim or to respond to a contracting officer's final decision.  Here is one case involving time limits:     On April 26, 2012, EPSI submitted a certified c...

The Congressional Budget Office Compares Apples And Oranges

Posted by bob7947, 03 April 2013 · 812 views

The Army plans to develop and procure a new Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) that will do two things:  1) operate as a combat vehicle and 2) transport soldiers onto the battlefield. The GCV would replace the current Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) believes that implementing the GCV program would cost $29 billion...

Camp Pendleton Contracting Official Arrested On Bribery Charges

Posted by bob7947, 03 April 2013 · 822 views

"According to the complaint, filed in this matter with the United States District Court, Southern District of California, case number 13MJ1269, Cervantes is charged specifically with violating Title 18, United States Code (U.S.C.) Section 201 ( B )(2), bribery. Cervantes allegedly used his position to extort bribes from businesses seeking to do busine...

Contractors Up For Suspension

Posted by bob7947, 31 March 2013 · 738 views

"A bipartisan group of senators led by U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) are expressing continued concern and frustration over the Army's use of contractors that have potential ties to terrorist groups.  The senators specifically referred to a longstanding backlog of 43 referrals pending before the Army's Suspension and Debarment Official tha...

Is That The Milky Way Galaxy?

Posted by bob7947, 22 March 2013 · 645 views

"What you’re looking at is a cell in the midst of dividing into two identical copies—a process called mitosis. Here, the chromosomes (in blue) are aligned at the cell’s equator. Microtubules (red) from opposite poles of the cell attach to the chromosomes using the kinetochores (green) and pull them to opposite ends of the cell, which...

Frankenstein's Monster

Posted by bob7947, 18 March 2013 · 763 views

You are a program officer with big "wants" but with little federal money.  Your contracting officer is not familiar with hiding overruns in an FPI(F) contract--yet.  Besides, you have never heard of it--yet.  What to do?  Well, this politician knows best.  With a little luck and plenty of ignorance, you may see the "fixed price technical compe...

Another One Bites The Dust

Posted by bob7947, 26 February 2013 · 587 views

". . . in the current fiscal climate, agencies and businesses alike have been forced to make tough spending cuts. After carefully reviewing the projected spending and attendance for this year’s conference, GSA is suspending Expo for 2013 in an effort to use our resources responsibly and to deliver better value and savings for our government part...

When The Rule Is Mandatory, It Means Mandatory!

Posted by bob7947, 08 February 2013 · 805 views

You're travelling on your own for the government and you found a way to save money but you're subject to the Joint Travel Regulations as well as the Federal Travel Regulation.  What do you do? You went ahead and saved the government money and were proud of yourself.  Unfortunately, your finance office stiffed you when it came time for payment.  It...

GSA Schedule Contractors: CTA or Prime/Subcontractor Relationship?

Posted by bob7947, 02 February 2013 · 1,306 views

"Under a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA), two or more GSA Schedule contractors work together to meet ordering activity needs. By complementing each other's capabilities, the team offers a total solution to the ordering activity's requirement, providing a "win-win" situation for all parties."But what is a Prime/Subcontractor relat...

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Contract Analysis

Posted by bob7947, 25 January 2013 · 887 views

One of our colleagues sent this to me and I am posting it for you.  Even Bilbo Baggins has a contract attorney to watch over him. "I, the undersigned, [referred to hereinafter as Burglar,] agree to travel to the Lonely Mountain, path to be determined by Thorin Oakenshield, who has a right to alter the course of the journey at his so choosing, without...

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