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An earlier posting to this discussion asked for "subcontract templates," and the responses indicated that this is a bad idea. However, most federal subcontracts that I receive are not well written. They are confusing, overly long and tend to have glaring errors. For instance, many agencies issuing federal subcontracts don't appear to read the FAR clauses that they flow down. Seemingly they operate under the assumption that "since it's federal, it all flows down." They then produce a subcontract that has their exact list of clauses incorporated by reference. Yet the clauses often provide specific instructions for flow down (i.e. patent rights remain with the government, not the prime contractor; some clauses instruct flow down without a particular paragraph, etc.). As well, unless stated, all of the clauses aren't required to flow down. Because of these frequent errors, when I negotiate a federal subcontract, it is more laborious than writing the subcontract myself. To that end, can anyone refer me to some examples of clean, concise and well crafted federal subcontracts? Not as templates but rather as examples of effective formats and techniques. Thank you.

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