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Judge David A. Tapp, Court of Federal Claims.


If there can be a literary analogy to this government procurement, it would be Longfellow’s The Wreck of the Hesperus which chronicles a prideful sea captain’s avoidable downfall on the rocks of Norman’s Woe.  Like the experienced crew of the Hesperus, agency personnel warned of the perils of a plotted course and when ignored, “[d]own came the storm and smote amain, the vessel in her strength” leaving behind only a “dreary wreck” awash upon the shoals.


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2 hours ago, Vern Edwards said:

On page 3 the court refers to a new concept: "Schrödinger's procurement."

Right. Because the protesters were required to submit proposals for the same procurement(s) they were challenging, in terms of scope and corrective action related to prior protests. 

This is insanity. But y'all already knew that.

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Ahh, our 3 central suppliers with Moe sitting this one out.  Curly and Larry got entangled with two forums for protest--an administrative body (Abbot) and the court system (Costello).  Of course, that's not enough.  Abbot's second-guessers who are called evaluators stirred things up too.

On p. 3, the judge described an agency action as:  That request added bedlam to already existing chaos.

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