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The solicitation prepared for some metal products consists a requirement to fill a dd form 1423 which is included in technical data package. We'd like to bid for this solicitation but have no idea how to fill the form. The form says that the contractor will fill only block 17 and 18 both of which have contents like price group and estimated total price. Even though i've read the instructions below the form, i still have no idea what to write inside of those blocks. Did any of you fill this form before? A little help would be so appreciated.

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This is from DoD 5010.12-M:



C3.3.3.3. Detailed Block Information (Blocks 17 and 18). These blocks are to be completed by the bidder or offeror as required by the following:

C3. Block 17, "Price Group" - Enter the appropriate price group as shown on the reverse side of the DD Form 1423.

C3. Block 18, "Estimated Total Price" - Enter the total estimated price equal to that portion of the total price that is estimated to be attributable to the design, development, production or reproduction for the Government of item of data. The entry "N/C" for "no charge" is acceptable. DFARS, Subpart 204.7105-3 (reference (b), provides specific guidance for entering the negotiated price for separately priced or "Not Separately Priced (NSP)" data on the DD Form 1423 or in the contract. Also provided is guidance on when to detach, or leave attached, blocks 17 and 18 of the DD Form 1423. Chapter 5 of this Manual provides additional information in completing and evaluating blocks 17 and 18 of the DD Form 1423.



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