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27 minutes ago, Kaseybaja said:

What is the major factor in deciding whether to write a contract using ELINs vs sub CLINS? I am used to using ELINs and but my PCO likes sub CLINS. The FAR doesn't seem to answer our questions. I'm not sure if there is something I am missing. 

Did you review the DFARS and PGI guidance on use of SLINs?

Also, as a contractor, we see use of ELINs when there are huge volumes of individual deliverables (e.g., spares). Otherwise, no.

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Bob can you please move this thread to a more appropriate category? This isn’t a workforce issue. Thanks. 

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5 hours ago, Kaseybaja said:

Do you know if more than 1 ACRN can be used for ELINs? Sub CLINs can only have 1.

Assuming you are asking about a DoD contract, then see DFARS PGI 204.7105(c)(1):


 (1)  Criteria for establishing.  The criteria for establishing exhibit line items are the same as those for establishing contract line items (see DFARS 204.7103).

DFARS 204.7103-1(a)(4) states:



 (4)  Single accounting classification citation.

                    (i)  Each contract line item shall reference a single accounting classification citation except as provided in paragraph (a)(4)(ii) of this subsection.

                    (ii)  The use of multiple accounting classification citations for a contract line item is authorized in the following situations:

                            (A)  A single, nonseverable deliverable to be paid for with R&D or other funds properly incrementally obligated over several fiscal years in accordance with DoD policy;

                            (B)  A single, nonseverable deliverable to be paid for with different authorizations or appropriations, such as in the acquisition of a satellite or the modification of production tooling used to produce items being acquired by several activities; or

                            (C)  A modification to an existing contract line item for a nonseverable deliverable that results in the delivery of a modified item(s) where the item(s) and modification are to be paid for with different accounting classification citations.

                    (iii)  When the use of multiple accounting classification citations is authorized for a single contract line item, establish informational subline items for each accounting classification citation in accordance with 204.7104-1(a).



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18 hours ago, Kaseybaja said:

Yes it is. Maybe you should just get off of this thread. 

Kasey, I don’t have any problem with thread other than the fact that it doesn’t belong under the category that covers contracting workforce issues. You asked and are discussing a question concerning how to  “[write] a contract”, presumably for an acquisition to award a contract. You and your PCO have different preferences concerning formatting the CLIN structure, correct? Thus the “Contract Award” category is appropriate, especially for posterity filing and search purposes.

No malice intended. 

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I looked at the Author's post when it was originally written.  At that time, I believed that it was a question to the workforce for their opinion about an issue.  I also considered whether it should be in the contract award forum.  I felt that it was a general question to the workforce and left it in this forum.

I understand your point and appreciate your efforts and have adopted many of your suggetions.  However, this time I believe it is where it should be.

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