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Vern provides us with this article:

  • In the last month or so we have seen a number of articles about Michael Wooten, the Administrator of Federal Procurement Policy, and his ideas about “frictionless acquisition,” which is his metaphor for reducing administrative lead time and speeding up the buying process.

See the article at:  FRICTIONLESS ACQUISITION: A New Initiative By The Office Of Federal Procurement Policy.  

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Good commentary by Vern.  To both Michael Wootens initiative and Verns article, I’ll add two comments.  The first concerns why some agencies take six months to buy something while others take six weeks.  That’s proof the regulatory system isn’t broken.  A great study by OFPP is examining why there is those differences.  The second is the entire acquisition workforce needs realigned and adjusted and I’m not limiting that to 1102s.  We need a workforce trained and knowledgable in the entire process from translating a need to delivery and acceptance of the product or service.  Picking on 1102s, how many of us here “writing requirements isn’t my job.  It begins when I get a complete req package.”  If everybody in the chain only knows and does their little incremental piece, no wonder issues exist at the tail end.

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