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From https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/ecmra_splash/

ECMRA is de-commissioned as of COB June 19th, 2020.


The data collection functionality will transition to the System for Award Management (https://www.sam.gov) by the end of FY20.

For additional details and updates regarding this planned transition, please see the following links:


Policy and Data regarding the Inventory of Contracted Services:


Status of DFARS Rule implementing SAM reporting - Case Number 2018-D063:


Please update your bookmarks with the new URL https://www.sam.gov.

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It's been a few years since i had access/was responsible for completing the service contract reporting in SAM, but if i recall correctly, the section of the site is only live during the reporting period (including which contracts need to be reported). Is the reporting period officially open? I remember it being a short turn-around to input the data, so i wouldn't be surprised if it doesnt open until October.  

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I only found this by Googling, not by navigating within SAM.  Follow these instructions I found at:  https://www.sam.gov/SAM/transcript/SCR_QSG.pdf


Steps for Submitting a Service Contract Report (SCR)

1. Go to www.sam.gov and log in.

2. Select Entity Registrations and then select Service Contract Reporting.

3. SAM displays your entities which have service contracts and meet the reporting criteria. Select View by entity to see the service contracts for each entity.

4. Next, select Add for the service contract against which you want to create a Service Contract Report. Each service contract which meets the FAR Subpart 4.1703 reporting thresholds is displayed.

5. You will be taken to the Complete Service Contract Report page. SAM displays the contract details and allows you to report. You are required to enter the following information: • Total Amount Invoiced: Total dollar amount invoiced for services performed during the previous Government fiscal year under the contract (this amount should include the prime and any subcontract amount). • Prime Contractor Hours Expended: Prime contractor direct labor hours expended on the services performed during the previous Government fiscal year. The amount you enter is automatically divided by 2,080 hours to calculate a Full Time Employee (FTE) equivalent, displayed under the Prime Contractor Hours Expended as Prime Contractor FTEs.

6. Report any required Tier 1 subcontractor information by selecting the Add Tier 1 Subcontract Information button.

7. When you are ready to submit the report, select Submit. This saves your report and returns you to the Select Service Contract page where you can create other SCRs or edit an existing SCR.

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As of 10/7/20 we were able to see our contracts applicable for Service Contract Reporting.  We are cross-checking these now for inclusion of our DoD contracts as per the legacy Manpower Reporting requirements.  Hopefully you've seen at least some of your contracts loaded by now.


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DoD has published a set of FAQs and instructions related to service contract reporting for both DoD contracting personnel and contractors.  I haven't waded through all of it, but its posted at the below site:


It looks like a lot of the guidance to contractors boils down to "talk to you CO", "make sure your contract is showing up in FPDS correctly" and "reach out the federal helpdesk"; so maybe not a lot of help...

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It appears that the threshold for reporting might have changed with the migration. I used to have to report on all DOD contracts. Maybe this is why they are not showing up? Does anyone know if we are obligated to follow up with the CO to get these into FPDS to show up if they meet the threshold? That would be quite an undertaking.

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Good afternoon everyone. I've been following this thread because CMR is typically a quick annual reporting process, however, the switch from ECMRA to SAM has created quite a bit of confusion. I was able to find the possible reason as to why a contract is not listed. On page 4 of the "SCR Guidebook 21 October 2020.pdf", there are new thresholds that must be met to require reporting.

https://dodprocurementtoolbox.com/site-pages/service-contract-reporting-scr (2nd Button - SCR Guidebook)

Reporting Thresholds DoD contracts pulled for FY20 reporting are those where (1) period of performance indicates that performance occurred during FY20, (2) the product service code (PSC) reported is in one of the identified category management areas, (3) were in excess of $3M in obligations or deobligations reported during FY20


As with most things GovCon related, this could not have better worse done on their end. I hope this helps eliminate some stress. I've also sent this out to multiple COs for awareness/confirmation & awaiting reply.

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Does anyone know what is required for the tier subcontractor reporting? and is the DoD reporting supposed to be under the SCR and would that now only include the service portion of the work? i used to report on our construction labor hours and dollars as well?  

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