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Looking for something, I came across the document as part of the acquisition Periodic Table. https://www.fai.gov/periodic-table/

It explains how to do a simplified evaluation and selection staying away from FAR 15 procedures.  It’s the best and simplest explanation I’ve seen 


No ratings are assigned! The evaluators compare one offeror to another, factor by factor and then overall at the end. Ideal for task/delivery orders under FAR subpart 8.4 and § 16.505, but also for part 13 simplified acquisitions (incl. subpart 13.5 for commercial items up to $7 Million). Not recommended for use under FAR part 15.

Problems Solved
  • We don't get hung up on assigning and defending adjectival ratings
  • Recommended text for solicitation: The Government may perform a comparative evaluation (comparing offers to each other) to select the contractor that is best suited and provides the best value, considering the evaluation factors in this solicitation
Benefits of Use
  • Allows the source selection authority leeway in determining the method of evaluation
  • Puts the needs of the government above simple FAR part 15 procedure
  • This technique can be very powerful and very fast


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Right Don.  But it can run counter to many agencies internal policies and operational procedures.  It might be an uphill battle for some agencies to try.  I assume that’s what the authors meant they said it’s not recommended for FAR 15.


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