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Hoping wifcon might be able to provide some insight. This is a FAR 15 acquisition using best-value tradeoff. Assume the Statement of Work stated that work must be complete no later than 09/25/2020. Multiple proposals were received. A large number of offerors (60% of them) indicated in their proposals that the completion date in our Statement of Work would not be possible to meet and gave completion dates ranging from 01/05/2020 to 02/05/2020. Can the Government accept one of the proposals with a later completion date if the CO determines that the later date is acceptable to the Government? 

If for some reason your answer is no, what if we enter into discussions and allow all offerors to indicate their period of performance? 

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So, 40% of offers will meet your date?  Award to one of them, if you have confidence in them.

Or, do you want to change (relax) a requirement?  Do a solicitation amendment.  Send it just to offerors or the open market as appropriate (see FAR 15.206(c) and (e)).

When early delivery or completion is desired but not mandatory, you can let that be part of the trade space -- an earlier date (if you have confidence in it) will result in a higher rating as part of the tradeoff, all else being equal.

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