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Hello Wifconers and happy 4th of July.  A friend and I are considering starting a “what were they thinking” series relating to government contracting.  I would love to hear from you on particular instances, scenarios, protests, or court decisions that left you just scratching your head.  The field is wide open…these could be matters so egregious as to be criminal (bribery, fraud, kickbacks, debarment) or a bit more subtle like obvious affiliation or conflict-of-interest issues.  As much as we would love to be able to shoot-the-breeze with every one of you and just share stories, we are really looking for the basis to be documented in protest decisions, court decisions, board decisions, or other referenceable government record.

Not looking to be one-sided here, it could be a contractor that tried to get away with something that was exposed once the robe was opened (i.e., after a protest), a government contracting officer run amok, or a protest decision that was so unbelievable that it was quickly overturned (hopefully) on appeal. 

I know this audience has a lot of stories, so this should be fun.  Let’s keep it recent…say 5 years.  I’m especially looking forward to hearing from some of the long-time/regular contributors here.


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