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Hi, We are looking for a company that helps in recommending tools,  creating/providing documentation needed to establish certifiable IT Business systems.

Our plan is to establish systems and certify them by an external auditor. Please recommend any tools, companies for the following.

At this point we are not looking for auditors, we want support to establish from the scratch.

Purchasing System

Estimating System

Earned Value Management System.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hi Innosoft,

I remember years ago when I got into an argument with a Vice President of a major aerospace defense company, who argued that all business systems were IT systems and thus fell under his purview. In point of fact, there are six "Contractor Business Systems" named in the DFARS. While they all have aspects of IT compliance, IT compliance is not the main focus; rather, the specified adequacy criteria have more to do with policies, procedures, and practices.

It's interesting you name only three of the six DFARS Contractor Business Systems. Am I to assume that you already have an adequate Accounting System and Government Property Control System, and that MMAS is not relevant to your business?

In any case, let me answer your question. There are a number of consultants who would love to help you. Very few have expertise in all six Business Systems. For example, there are a lot of people who have expertise in Accounting System and Estimating System adequacy, but who really do not have expertise in Earned Value Management System adequacy or in the intricacies of MMAS. There are a number of individuals/firms who know how to pass a CPSR but don't know anything about the other Business Systems.

If you send me a private message I will suggest some names. I will even suggest my own name, because I have experience in all systems and expertise in five of the six (not an EVM expert but I have experience with it.)

Hope this helps.

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