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Can anyone tell me if the "Minimum Earned Premium" for DBA Insurance is an allowable cost on a Cost Contract.  Example - Policy based on Estimated Payroll of $20 Million.  Premium of $2M based on 10% DBA Rate.  Minimum Earned Premium based on 50% or $1 Million.  Actual Payroll $7.5M.  Can Contractor Invoice for DBA coverage on the $2.5M Shortfall or adjust the DBA Rate to make up the difference.  Does anyone know where this is explained in DCAA Audit Manual or elsewhere

Thank You

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ASBCA case 59557, https://www.asbca.mil/Decisions/2015/59557 Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc. 1.22.15.pdf

Not exactly on point with "minimum earned premium" but discussion therein regarding DBA premiums based on estimated payroll and whether subject to retroactive adjustment based on actual payroll. 

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