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Although not a court case, earlier in my career, I worked for the Office of Naval Research.  There was a well known colorful homeless person who lived near the office.  One day he came wandering into ONR with a coat hanger wrapped around his head asking for help.  According to his story, he had been abducted by aliens who implanted an antenna in his head (the coat hanger) and were raping him every night by radio waves.  As a result, he was not able to get any sleep.  He was wanting us to make the aliens stop so he could sleep.  We convinced him that our highly skilled physicists would be able to solve his problem and with great ceremony removed the coat hanger.  He went away happy to a good nights sleep never to return again.

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Not a court case but a GAO decision.  A coworker who previously worked at IRS asked for a decision on travel.  He was a revenue officer and waited in a bank parking lot for a meeting.  A guy approached him with a gun and said drive to New York.  He did, the gunman got out, and my friend drove back to DC unharmed.  He put in travel voucher for reimbursement which IRS denied.  He ultimately asked for a GAO opinion which GAO said he wasn’t entitled to.  I wonder how many people at GAO laughed at the request?      

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