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On January 10, DODI 5000.74 was canceled and reissued. Does anyone know of an online explanation of what has changed? In the alternative does anyone know where the prior version may still exist to compare and contrast?

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For those who are interested in this topic, OUSD(A&S) provides this explanation within its new Adaptive Acquisition Framework site:


Q: What are the main changes from the DoDI 5000.74, 5 Jan 2016 to the newly published DODI 5000.74, 10 Jan 2020?

A: The main changes are:

  • Research and Development (R&D) Services and Construction services are exempt from DoDI 5000.74
  • Updated S-CAT Decision Authorities table 
  • Removed the term DoD Functional Domain Experts (FDEs) and Component Level Leads (CLLs)
  • Removed the requirement for “should cost” analysis
  • Incorporated Federal Category Structure and Component Portfolio Managers
  • Updated SRRB procedures
  • Incorporated reporting requirements for bridge contracts
  • Updated Clinger-Cohen Act compliance table

Q: What prompted the new DoDI?

A:  The following initiatives:

  • NDAA FY17,  S. 803 (Modernization of Services Acquisition) – Changing nature of technology; Review professional services and portfolio groups
  • NDAA FY18, S. 851 (Improvements of Planning for Acquisition of Services) – Requirements evaluation; Avoiding bridge contracts
  • Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports & recommendations:
    • GAO Report, GAO-17-482, “DEFENSE CONTRACT SERVICES. DoD Needs to Reassess Key Leadership Roles and Clarify Policies for Requirements Review Boards,” August 2017


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