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Guest Vern Edwards
I think providing for government contractors housing and billeting needs in the CENTCOM Theater is a capital investment. Does anyone or can anyone point me to any policy that may have come out on this issue?

Thank you Steve

From OMB Circular A-11:

Capital project (investment) means the acquisition of a capital asset and the management of that asset through its life-cycle after the initial acquisition. Capital projects (investments) may consist of several useful segments.

Now, just what do you mean by "providing for"? (That's a rhetorical question.)

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I've seen a subcontract for labor services where the subcontractor has to provide dining facilities and housing for the labor force. My recollection is that the prime contractor takes title to the facilities. If the prime is paying the full cost of the facilities, I would be surprised if the prime didn't pass title on to the government.

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