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On 9/28/2019 at 9:57 PM, newb said:

Anybody out there use CLS?  If you do, are your results accurate?  I'd like to hear what others are experiencing.

Yes, and no.


If you're lucky enough, you're probably also using CON-IT. There are work-arounds to the system to fix some of the issues with CLS, but they're not yet tenable as they destroy the underlying relationship between the system and CLS, requiring a "patch," before subsequent mods/awards can be made on the effort.


CON-IT will insert clauses that you did not even upload from CLS, a feature, not a bug. (yikes.)


CLS will spit clauses you don't need into your solicitation, which you will have to manually remove -- and it may omit some depending on your requirement. Old methods/matrices are still effective until the bugs are worked out.

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