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T White

Close-Out Utility Contract $0, but payments are made

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After I researched all this information below, I am still somewhat at a loss. There are contracts that finance uses to pay these utilities but the contract is zero dollar. Finance pays these contracts, ie. lets just use a random number $100k was paid. 

How do I close-out a contract like this the appropriate way? Is there anyone that works with utility contracts that are unfunded by payments are let to the company? Can someone give me any guidance on these types of contracts? 

I am not sure if there was a delegated authority:

a) established acquisition program

b) tech. personal

c) own pre-owned contract


FAR Part 41.102(b) Services excluded ..... (para phrased)

- Federal power of water marketing agency

-Public utility services 

Area-wide Contract:

between GSA & Utility Service Suppliers (franchise territory of the supplier)

* Connection Charge

- Intervention

- multiple service locations

-separate contract (authorization under area wide or interagency agreement)

- utility services:  electricity, natural or manufactured gas, water, sewerage, thermal energy, chilled water, steam, hot water or high temp hot water

FAR Part 41.201(a) most advantageous to the government



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