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Guest Vern Edwards

It's there to let members know.

I don't recall the source of the video. But I received a text from "SAM" yesterday telling me to contact them immediately. My assistant called the number, 703 area code, and heard the same spiel, almost word for word. They wanted $400 to register us. It was a scam.

Delete my OP if you like. The SAM scam is alive and well.

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I am always amazed at the vast number of companies, most of whom are small mom and pop shops, are willing to pay someone to register or renew their SAM accounts. 

My .02, if you are new or looking to do business with the Government, either self register or utilize a PTAC. 


Link for helpfulness: https://www.sba.gov/tools/local-assistance/ptac

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I manage the SAM registration for a large company and every so often I get a panicked email from an executive..."I just got this SAM email warning..."

And I spend the next 15 minutes explaining how all's well and that yes, I am actually doing my job (that's the part that's most frustrating; it makes me look bad, like some escalation happened due to my lack of diligence)

Is it a scam?  Well, I dunno, if they do in fact make the renewal happen, maybe not.  People (used to) pay to have someone else drive their car across some big bridges, right?  Fear is the only impediment...  I wonder though how/if the processing company reviews the actual Ts &Cs that are renewed - and if they advise the underlying company in any way regarding those Ts&Cs.  

Two other notes:

- The new SAM affidavit template for indicating who's got authority to edit SAM entries has a check box to indicate that a third party may be given rights to do so.   I'm not sure how many companies farm out this responsibility, I'm a bit surprised that anyone does. 

- Getting the spam emails is kind of nice in a way.  It's a way I know that renewal is approaching - so they serve as nice little reminders.  :) 

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