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Format for Writing Questions

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The spoken and digital word are very different methods of communicating.  When you ask someone a question in person you can immediately clarify your question with the person you are asking to help you. 

When you ask a digital question you are speaking from your mind and looking at a blank space.  You walk away from the blank space and hope for the best.  The person that can help you may not understand your question and may not respond.  Or, that person may ask for some clarification from you.  That back and forth may take hours, a day, or days.

To shorten the time between spoken and digital questions and answers, you must try to write clearly the first time.  I've never written anything here that I didn't edit more than once.  I've just done that a few moments ago.  Also, you need to check back and respond  to any requests for clarification within hours of writing you post.  That is how you can get the best results.

Format for writing Questions

Write your issue, scenario, or facts in the first part of your post.  If your background is long, break up your thoughts with paragraphs.  If you use an acronym that others may not recognize, like ADHD, write it like this Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). You don't have to worry about the FAR or DFARS because this is a contracting forum.  Make sure you identify any regulation, law, etc. by citation.  After you've written your facts, then write your  questions in a new section below the facts.  To distinguish one question from another, use the indent with the numbers in the bar at the top of the typing area.  Click it with your mouse and the number will appear.  Write your first question and, if you have more questions, hit the enter button and the number 2 will appear.  If you have more questions, repeat. 

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