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Your said:


I'm in the program office and not able to communicate with the Acquisition's Office. That being said, I could just go with the flow, but I bring this issue here for academic purposes.   (emphasis added)


The justification is to limit competition. Within the J&A, an argument is made that the rationale for providing contracts to a couple of vendors is that it will "build the industrial base". Providing this as rationale for these contracts raises all kinds of flags to me. I want to use another rationale for making these procurements...but I need to justify why this rationale raises flags. 


 "the purpose of awarding this contract is to build the industrial base" in the hopes that the awarded vendors will become sophisticated enough to compete with a vendor that has historically been awarded sole source contracts for this requirement. 


The sole source justification is a red herring. The rationale behind the purchase itself is the issue.

Mathew posted "alternative sources" before I could find it.  However, your last post makes me wonder . . . .  Did your program office identify the suggested awarded vendors?  If it did, and you are uncomfortable with the suggestions, I would check out the suggested sources.  That can be done over the internet.  What about the incumbent contractor and the relations with your program office?  Would bias become an issue somewhere in the future?

Please don't answer these questions here but think about them.

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