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Subcontractor Pricing on 00CORP Schedule

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I've found forum topics that skirt my issue but don't really answer my questions. Please forgive any ignorance, I know just enough about all of this to be annoying to those who do.

We are proposing on a procurement on the 00CORP schedule to provide professional services. We are using a subcontractor for some specialized technical positions but their rates are far higher than applicable labor categories on our schedule price list. It is a FFP quote, but GSA's RFQ requires that we show labor category rates and hours.

Can anyone offer insight into our options for pricing in this situation or point me to resource that would explain it? Some of the questions rolling through my head:

For positions being filled by subcontractors, does our pricing have to be off of our price list?

Based on what I've read on this site, it seems like we can't just labeled them as open market, or can we?

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You may map the sub's rates into your Schedule rates, establish a Schedule contractor teaming arrangement (CTA) whereby the other firm also has privity of contract with the government and uses its own Schedule rates (assuming they have a GSA Schedule), or add their labor as an ODC.

On a FFP, I'm having a hard time seeing why sub lcats can't be mapped into the prime's.

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