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Vendor Capability Questionnaire

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Has anyone else received Vendor Capability Questionnaires from the DLA?

The DLA is asking for information to get an accurate assessment of technical and financial capabilities as they relate to particular contracts.

The questions include providing a description of the company's background; resumes for key technical/management personnel; and the exact location of machinery and equipment, among other things.

I'm hearing that if answers to these questions are not submitted in time, the DLA is freezing/restricting access to DIBBS.

Some people have told me that DLA is saying that this is being done to crack down on a few bad actors.  Other people have said that this is being done to restrict the access of foreign corporations who could not actually satisfy or perform under the contracts on which they are bidding. Has anyone heard anything about this?




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What is the statutory or regulatory authority that would compel a contractor to respond?

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Due to a recent increase in the receipt of nonconforming material, DLA  Aviation has implemented the following proactive measures to protect the integrity of our supply chain.  Effective immediately, if an unrated supplier (domestic or foreign) is determined to be the best value, DLA Aviation will conduct the following steps to assist the contracting officer in making his or her affirmative responsibility determination prior to award:

The contracting officer shall send the Vendor Capability Questionnaire to the unrated supplier for completion and give a one business day suspense. 

Along with the Questionnaire, if the unrated supplier is a dealer/distributor of a part-numbered item, the contracting officer must also request traceability documentation demonstrating that the contractor will supply the product of the approved manufacturing source.

If the supplier refuses, or does not provide the questionnaire and traceability documents within the suspense timeframe, the supplier may be removed from award consideration and the official contract file will be documented accordingly.

Go to google and enter DLA Director's External Briefing Template - Defense Logistics Agency. This will give you a PPT.  Slides 10 to 13 specifically address the Questionnaire.

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