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In his email to The Post, [Admiral] Greenert [the Chief of Naval Operations] said it was not unusual for commanders to send correspondence to contractors acknowledging their “responsive and flexible” service.

Unfortunately, the guy to whom the letter was sent turned out to be a crook on a massive scale.

Such letters ought to be unusual. They ought not be sent.

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The Washington Post is a pay-to-view site.  However, you might try something so that you may gain access to a pay-to-view site for a specific article.  If you are blocked by the Post's servers and told you have viewed all of your freebies, google an item from the article.  I googled "Greenert" as a search and then changed the search to "news."  Voila.  I clicked the link in the news area and I read the article.  Sometimes this works, usually it does not.

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