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Tax Consulting Contigency Fees

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Looking into allowability of contingency fees charged by a tax consulting firm.  A tax firm provided advisory/consulting support for city property valuations.  The amount paid to the tax firm was 25% of the tax savings associated with the reduction in property valuations.  I can't find anything in FAR 31 would expressly disallow these types of fees.  Agreement/SOW, invoices, and work product were retained to support FAR 31.205-33 Consulting costs requirements.  The 25% contingency fee seems to be a standard/reasonable amount for these types of services based on online research.

Anyone with background or other advice?

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You wrote a check to the consultants equal to 25% of the tax savings received. The taxes would have been allowable costs. You reduced allowable costs and saved the government money. The consultants' fees are allowable.

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