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How intellectually challenging is your GS-1102 job?  

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  1. 1. How intellectually challenging is your GS-1102 job?

    • The intellectual challenge is overwhelming.
    • The intellectual challenge is high, but manageable.
    • The intellectual challenge is only moderate or occasional.
    • The intellectual challenge is low.
    • There is no intellectual challenge.

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Guest Vern Edwards

Does your GS-1102 (or GS-1101) job challenge you intellectually? By intellectual challenge, I mean the need to think critically and creatively by

  • framing issues,
  • raising questions,
  • researching and gathering facts
  • separating pertinent facts from irrelevant facts,
  • reasoning deductively from premises to conclusions,
  • presenting arguments and persuading others,
  • and speaking and writing clearly.

How challenging is your work as a GS-1102?

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