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Don Mansfield

Use of other than FFP under SAP

Contract Types under FAR part 13  

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  1. 1. When using simplified acquisition procedures, do you use other than firm-fixed-price contracts?

    • No, and I've never heard of such a thing
    • No, but I've heard of such a thing
    • Yes, but rarely
    • Yes, occassionally
    • Yes, frequently

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The purpose of this poll is to determine how common the use of other than firm-fixed-price contracts is when using simplified acquisition procedures.

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There has been one contract that I wrote that probably should have been a T&M but was instead a very expensive (for the services to be provided) FFP. It was a contract for generator maintenance/emergency repair. Perhaps it should have been FFP for routine preventive maintenance portions, and T&M for diagnostic and repair. All my part 13 buys have been commercial.

I succumbed to (as indicated in your signature) the nemesis of progress, tradition.

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