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Using task order rating to select BPA receipients

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My agency is in the process of awarding a part 8 BPA along with the first two TOs. The BPA-PWS is so general and reads more like a SOW and we are worried all offerors will simply restate all the task/services listed in their quotes and say, yeah we can do that --no real discriminator for a technical factor. For instance, one of the services listed is PMO support and the BPA-PWS simply lists all the activities in the PMBOK. The two task orders on the other hand have some meat and will allow us to identify those who can truly perform the work. Our plan is to evaluate the task orders first and award the BPA to 3 - 5 of the highest rated quotes.

My goal here is to obtain some feedback on the potential pitfalls of not evaluating the BPA at all,  or maybe having 3 evaluation factors TO1, TO2 and BPA with the BPA being the least important factor. Another possibility is to perhaps eliminate technical as an evaluation factor in the BPA and really drill down on PP and experience but this is not favored by many.  If any one has gone this route and has a sample ITO that would be very helpful.

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MAY-D – Not surprising that no one has responded.  Maybe they are working on something but for myself I started to and it honestly got quite long.  So here is the quick of it.  

There is much in missing information and  your basic information suggests that you have not read FAR subpart 8.4 in a comprehensive manner.   You say TO but in reality you would establish a FSS BPA(s) and would then “order” against the BPA just as if you were ordering against the FSS contract of the BPA holder.   From there words such as “technical factors”, “evaluation factors”, “pitfalls of not evaluating the BPA at all”, and comment regarding drill down on “experience” while at the same time eliminating factors at all lead to a very confusing post that suggests you are confusing FAR part 15 with FAR subpart 8.4.   My suggestion is to re-read the FAR along with the couple of links I have provided below and think about your questions and consider re-posting if you still have questions.  Other missing information is what is the estimated value of the use of the BPA’s once established, in general do you work for DoD, and other information that would help in addressing your questions.

My guess is someone may have done what you are talking about, you might even continue to do what you are talking about, with the question being - Why?  




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