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The SBA Mentor-Protégé program is not a joint venture so it does not have a minimum percentage of work for either party.  The MP program is where a mentor trains the protégé in specific area and is supervised by the SBA on at least an annual basis. 

The SBA MP program allows (but does not mandate) JVs and eliminates the affiliation between the JV partners so long as the SBA MP program is in place and no other factors are present.  The JVs formed must follow the JV rules and the overall project manager must come from the protégé firm.  The MP regulations to not specify the percentages of work for the associated JV.  With that, when the SBA reviews and approves the JV as part of the MP program, it expects to see the percentage of work done by the protégé company grow over the life of any contracts awarded to the JV to at least 51% if not more, depending upon what is agreed upon between the MP participants and the SBA.

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Please look here



I suggest contacting DHS for specifics about their program.  While SBA has established an "all" program DHS's appears to be an SBA approved program.

While indicated in a previous post that JV efforts can be part of the program simple subcontracting by the mentor to the protege can also occur.   My understanding is that there is not a limitation for mentor (who is a large business_ unless a specific solicitation/contract provides the limitation under a subcontracting plan or performance of work term and condition.   

Hope this helps on what the programs my allow but again the only authority is DHS for their specific program and the SBA for theirs.


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