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My experiences with an Ordering Officer is limited to sharing an office with the Admin Staff who was appointed as one 10 years ago and reading over the appointment letter as a curiosity. 

I'm trying to problem solve now for a unit spread over 20 states with 40 offices, 100 employees and a $10K annual office supply budget.  In the past, office supply orders for the unit were placed after coming into Acquisition.  This solution is taking up too much time for such a small effort (complaints, orders taking "too long", shipping to the wring address and receipts not coming back to the card holder).  I reached back into my memory to pull up the Ordering Officer solution, but I can't think of why this would be preferred to simply giving an admin office a Purchase Card and having the unit be responsible for their own supplies.

Finally, if there is a request to obligate the dollars up front (No Year Dollars = no Bona Fide needs rules) what is the flaw in writing a NTE contract from a GSA BPA and appointing an Ordering Officer?

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