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Your Registration Request for an account here may take a couple of days to get approved.  The software for this forum may or may not backlog registration requests.  If the software backlogs your request, I may not see it for hours. If it is not backlogged, I will see it when I check requests--which may be once a day.  I approve all requests myself.  Wifcon.com is similar to the original Wizard of Oz movie where an aging wizard runs things from behind a screen.  In this case, I am the aging wizard.  So, it may take a bit of time to have your request approved.

There are 2 Discussion Forums here:  Contracting and Assistance.  When your request is approved, you become a Member.  Members and Guests can see the Contracting Forum.  When Members login they can post to the discussion board.  There is an Assistance forum designed for the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID).  Unfortunately, it is not shown to Members because of its inactivity.  However, if you are with USAID, you receive a secondary membership which allows those members to see the Assistance Forum and the Contracting Forum when they log in.  If you are someone that I think may be interested in an Assistance Forum, I automatically give you the secondary membership.    

If you want access to the Assistance Forum because you want to participate in it, send me a Private Message and I will give you the secondary membership.  You can find the link for private messages at the top right of the screen.  Just remember, as of now, no one has posted anything to the Assistance Forum since mid-2016.  I only keep it in existence because I hope that it is eventually used.

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