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7 minutes ago, blackhawk_pilot said:

Apologies for reviving this zombie,

But if SCA is what limits the purchase of services to 2,500 with the GPC, and the SCA does not apply for performance of services outside of CONUS..... what is my GPC limit for services purchased in Korea? Does the threshold reverts to that of supplies 5,000?

The definition of "mircropurchase threshold" at FAR 2.101 states that it is $3,500 for everything (not just supplies), unless one of the exceptions stated in the definition apply.  One of those exceptions are services subject to SCLS statutes.  If SCLS doesn't apply, the threshold for services remains at $3,500.  If you are part of DoD, you simply substitute $5,000 for $3,500 because of the deviation.  The deviation only changed the dollar value and not the exceptions and their dollar thresholds.  https://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/policy/policyvault/USA002333-17-DPAP.pdf

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